fredag den 10. februar 2012

Welcome to Adopt-A-Box!

Adopt-A-Box is a project run by Himmelhaven that aims to cultivate the city centre by bringing edible plants into an urban setting. 

Starting in the Latin Quarter of Aarhus, Adopt-A-Box hopes to both decorate and provide food (for thought) for the people that use the area. 
The boxes measure 75cm long and 25 cm wide so fit comfortably on the pavement or steps. 

There are three different boxes:

Potato and marigold 

Carrot, onion, garlic and sweet pea

Salad, herbs and nasturtiums

The idea is that local businesses, cafés, residents etc adopt a box and give it a place to live on their doorstep, water the plants through the summer months and finally, reap the rewards at a community harvest in the autumn. In return, the boxes will beautify the streets of the Latin Quarter and hopefully, give a sweet little something for the birds and the bees.

There is nothing easier than growing your own food, and nothing more delicious than doing so!

Let's get cracking and plant some veggies!

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