lørdag den 21. april 2012

Flowers in the window (such a lovely day..)

Things are slowly starting to happen on my windowsill! Some things are growing fast, some things are growing slowly and some things are growing.. wrong.

Here's a happy parsley. Parsley takes ages to sprout but just as you give up on it, it comes out of nowhere, strong as anything and bright as spring.

I have since potted up the parsley to give it a bit more breathing space and to get as many plants as possible for the boxes.. They are also getting hardier by spending some time outside on the table.

I have had mixed success with my rocket. Something has grown. But judging by the fact that some of it looks like parsley and the rest looks half-dead, I have either planted something very wrong, or have just neglected the rocket. Either way, it looks like this..

I decided to plant a little bit more just to be sure! This time with fresh soil to avoid the chance of stray poppies and parsley turning up.

If there's nothing else alive to put in the boxes come May, there will be nasturtiums (tallerkensmækkere). These chirpy little flowers are so very happy to be in my windowsill!

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