søndag den 21. april 2013

Opening ceremony 18th April 2013

On a quite spectacularly windy day where most people were safe inside, away from the flying sand and impending rain, we held our opening ceremony!

The opening ceremony "audience" trying to smile through the high winds
After Aarhus Sustainability Festival last weekend, the main structure was finished, we just needed a roof, door and some kind of floor. During the following week, Tore, the carpenting wizard galore, fixed up all of these things, filling sand between the railway sleepers to form a floor.

Dugald from the Adopt A Box crew eyeing up the plants after the ribbon was sawn over.
Laura and Claus demonstrating the rigid structure of the greenhouse that allows for the watering of the top shelves. It might be slightly more practical with an in-built watering system!
Hester standing ready with a pair of secateurs to clip the ribbon - the secateurs weren't entirely well-suited to cutting cotton thread..

A little bit of Cava to celebrate the opening (note the ominous clouds in the background!)

Unfortunately it was slightly to windy to use the new field kitchen as the gas kept blowing out. After a quick glass of bubbly we went inside for some soup, bread and hot chocolate.

The colours, whilst brighter than I think most of us had envisioned, fit very well with the Aros Rainbow in the background. In time we would like to find some neon tubes to light up the greenhouse in the dark.

Feel free to drop by anytime to see the greenhouse, if you would like to come at a time when there is some activity going on, follow us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adopt-A-Box/352207261469041.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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