onsdag den 29. februar 2012

Urban inspiration - Bristol

Urban farming takes many forms. It can be the Cuban legend of achieving almost total self-sufficiency, it can be community gardens like Prags Have, it can be rooftop gardens but in Bristol in the UK, they are replacing public flower beds with vegetables, showing both that veggies are beautiful and that growing food has a place, even in the city centre.

I stumbled across this "flowerbed" in a park right in the city centre, where the Council has planted cabbages, onions and garlic. It was great to see the City Council taking the initiative! 

 Even if you live in an apartment block or right in the city centre, let's make space to grow our own! With a little bit of sun, and a little bit of water, we might not be able to be self-sufficient right away, but we can take pride in following something from the soil to our plate!

Another really cool thing in Bristol, is the company Arup that has decided to establish a lunctime allotment where employees can get their hands dirty. Check it out at http://www.sustainablebristol.com/2011/09/will-business-embrace-lunchtime-allotments/

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