søndag den 20. maj 2012

1 day to D-Day

Today we finished off all the boxes and the weather was just gorgeous!

We made hand-painted signs are attached to the boxes explaining what is in them.

We also picked up a couple of wheelbarrows and took them to the centre of town on the train. People smiled but didn't seem to mind. We weren't entirely sure whether we had to pay more for the wheelbarrows. In our defence, there wasn't a "Wheelbarrow accessory" button on the ticket machine..

Majken dropped off her plants and they look much healthier than mine! More Swiss Chard and Coriander than you could shake a stick at!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! The weather forecast looks sunny and we have a stereo system and bicycles and tricycles to transport the soil!

Get ready Mejlgade, Graven and Klostergade! Tomorrow 43 boxes are going to be distributed and hopefully, if all goes well, we can have a harvest meal at the end of August to celebrate them!
A well deserved lunch
 Hopefully see you in the street!

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