tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

The boxes are on the street - I repeat, the boxes are on the street

INCH's box - Graven
Monday the 21st of May, the Adopt-A-Boxes went out onto the streets.

The weather was, again, absolutely fantastic and everyone was out on the streets enjoying the sunshine. We drew quite a lot of attention to ourselves as we had a hand-made carrier bicycle with an in-built stereo system!

43 boxes were delivered to the shops that have adopted them and a further two were given to KifKif and RisRas who hadn't ordered one the first time round. Unfortunately someone understood "Adopt A Box" slightly too literally and was seen by Jeremy this morning stealing RisRas' box. If anyone sees an Adopt-A-Box outside the Latin Quarter - it ain't supposed to be there, let us know!

TANK's box - Mejlgade
Den Rustikke's box - Mejlgade

The shops and cafés are responsible for watering the boxes for the next two months, after which there will hopefully be a decent crop of potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, salad, coriander, parsley and edible flowers to enjoy at the end of August!

Amnesty International's box - Mejlgade

Mindshape's box - Mejlgade

If you are walking down Mejlgade or Graven in the next few months and you have a bottle of water on, give the plants a little something. If you see a bit of salad drooping, give it a stroke. And please enjoy the boxes, that's why they're there.

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