søndag den 10. juni 2012

What a weekend!

First of all, the boxes have now been out on the streets for 3 weeks!

So far 3 boxes have been taken. One from RisRas, one from Mindshape and one from Svineriet. This is very unfortunate as it seems that people have been taking "adopt a box" rather too literally... However, we have now put little signs on the boxes saying who they belong to and so hopefully it won't happen again in the future - they do weigh an absolute tonne!
Sign painting workshop at Himmelhaven
 The past couple of weeks we have been blessed with gorgeous weather which means that most of the plants have grown huge! The Swiss chard especially is looking really impressive and the nasturtiums and cornflowers have started blossoming.

Nasturtiums and salad on Frontløbernes roof
However, this weekend hasn't been a brilliant one. For you those not living in Denmark or those with no interest in football whatsoever - Denmark beat the Netherlands in the first round of the European Championship. Whilst this is no doubt excellent news for Denmark, it hasn't been great for the boxes. It seems that a group of people "celebrating" the victory (or a couple of particularly upset Dutchmen) have decided to practise a bit of football themselves and have destroyed the contents of quite a few boxes and pretty violently smashed in the beautiful potato and marigold box that stood on the corner by Jeremy's Bakery. It's a real shame and something that we had hoped wouldn't happen.

The remains of the upturned box at Bloomers - looking rather sorry for itself
 We had a few plants leftover so we have tried to top up the boxes and tidy them up a bit. If anyone has some grand ideas about how to deter hooligans - do let us know!

Sweeping the street provides a surprisingly therapeutic relief from exam revision
Most of the boxes have been untouched, especially the ones in people's backyards but it's just such a shame.

If anyone has any plants that they would like to donate to the project, we are very grateful! One person has already planted a rose in one of the upturned boxes - it's wonderful to know that people in the local area are following the project and want to help it survive. We just need to get to the end of August and then we can eat the plants!

When I came back this evening, someone had planted a rose in one of the affected boxes. Made me a tad tearful!

Everyone is welcome to join in - just stay tuned for plans and when and where to be. The idea is that we eat all together so the contents of the boxes are not to be picked at yet.

Hope you have all had a nice weekend,
Let's hope that the next few weeks of football aren't quite so aggressive!

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