tirsdag den 26. februar 2013


We are proud to present this year's box combinations!

1) Tim's Tea Box - Chamomile, lavender, chrysanthemum, mint and sage
2) The Potato Box - Potatoes and marigolds
3) The Borsch Box - Beetroots, nasurtiums and garlic
4) The Little Green One - Cabbage, nasturtiums and leeks
5) Fireworks - Red Swiss Chard, multicoloured cornflowers, parsley and borage

A box with contents costs 200kr. This is an increase from last year, which is unfortunate, but last year was a our very first year and the boxes simply cost more to produce and maintain that we anticipated. If you were involved in the project last year, and still have a box lying around, it costs 100kr to have it replenished. Adopt A Box is a non-profit project run by the organisation Himmelhaven and all "profits" go to green initiatives and other voluntary projects.

If you would like to order one or even several boxes, please write to foedevaregruppen@gmail.com with your name (plus the name of your business), a contact telephone number and your address (of where the box will be placed). You'll then receive an email with details about payment and delivery. Please write to foedevaregruppen@gmail.com if you have any questions!

We unfortunately can't accept any orders made after the 17th of March as we propagate all of the plants ourselves and this takes time.

So far this year, Adopt A Box would like to thank Great Coffee for their coffee grounds which we're using to spice up our soil with nitrogen, to Insitut for (X) that have been so kind as to host us and our meetings, to Helledige Islandsheste for their very kind donation of quality Icelandic horse manure and to Hvidløg og Vin for their generous discount on fantastic garlic cloves that we already planted in October last year.

We're looking forward to a very exciting 2013 and hope to experience the same fantastic support that we enjoyed last year! See you out on the streets soon!

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