mandag den 25. marts 2013

Initial sowing reflections

It would be really lovely to start this blog post by saying "Spring is upon us and the seeds are finally starting to sprout!" But alas, the frost continues and despite the slowly strengthening sunshine, the ground remains very much frozen solid and temperatures plummet every night below zero. This means that the growing season has got off to a rather slow start.

That hasn't stopped us enjoying ourselves though! We are holding meetings every Sunday and have been making planters, building seedling trays, tidying up in the shed and generally nesting.

Most of the plants have been sown now, the garlic is still thriving and the tulips are starting to show leaves. The borage can't be planted for a little while and we definitely need to sow more herbs for the staggeringly popular Tim's Tea Box! 

We have made it up to 100 orders with 54 Tim's Tea Box, 25 Fireworks, 8 Borsch, 12 Potato and 2 Little Green Ones. This is pretty exciting territory for Adopt A Box and we are trying to grow extra in case the boxes get vandalised.

At the moment the weather is so cold that none of the seeds are starting to germinate but they have at least been sown. They won't get killed from the frost and some of them even require a very cold spell in order to sprout. The colder temperatures in the greenhouse also mean that the plants will be more robust when they finally grow. Some of us have taken some seed trays (and egg boxes!) home to get them going a bit quicker.

Tim, Tina and Amanda
 Space is turning out to be in rather short supply in our current HQ at Institut For X behind Godsbanen but fortunately we got 50,000kr funding to build a modular Tetris-inspired greenhouse from Byggeriets Ildsjæle

Building preparations are going to start on the 2nd of April and the big opening day will happen during Aarhus Sustainability Festival where Adopt A Box is going to be collaborating with Cirkus Mærkbar, attempting to make sustainability fun and accessible to children

If you are interested in looking after some plants for a couple of weeks, write us a mail! Otherwise join us on one of our Sunday meetings! There are more frequent updates on Facebook so "like" us here: and see what's happening.

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