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First boxes on the street (Hands On Urbanism + GoGreenAarhus)

Last week the first Adopt A Boxes went out on to the street! Don't worry if you have ordered one and are thinking "but but but where is mine?!" - these were special orders. The good folks at GoGreenAarhus have opened GoGreenBiksen on Frederiksgade, which sells sustainable products as well as offering inspiration and advice to the green-minded citizen and tourist. More information can be found here: http://www.gogreenaarhus.dk/gogreenaarhus/sider/artikler/gogreenbiksen1/
They ordered 4 boxes which will be placed on the street around the shop.

Pernille who has recently published a pixibook about urban gardening helping deliver the boxes!
I went to check on them on Sunday evening and they were still in one piece so fingers crossed that Frederiksgade will be more trustworthy than its reputation would suggest!

The boxes outside GoGreenBiksen at Frederiksgade 44
A fantastic exhibition has opened at the Architecture School - Hands On Urbanism. Accompanied by a day long seminar focusing on urban farming the exhibition displays examples of urban gardens and other sources of city greenery. There are both historic examples but also examples of local initiatives like the farm on the central reservation at Nørreport by PhD Marie Markmann and Adopt A Box!

The boxes outside the main auditorium at the Architecture School
The box at the Hands On Urbanism exhibition, which is still open: http://aarch.dk/skolen/aktuelt/offentlige_arrangementer/hands_on_urbanism_1850_2012_the_right_to_green/    

We used a new method of transport this time as Tore's trusty three-wheeled fixed-gear trailer bike is starting to get a bit rusty and is only able to take 3 boxes at a time. Pernille and I used this trailer instead and were able to transport all 9 boxes at once! It was tough, especially in 25 degree heat but it worked surprisingly well. We are going to be using 2 or 3 of these trailers to deliver the boxes on the 1st of June. 

Hester outside Føtex with the boxes for the Architecture School (before ice cream)
In other news, the plants are looking beautiful! Pictures speak a thousand words so I will let them talk for themselves.
Parsley ready be planted out!
A glass shelf at the top of the greenhouse, allowing more light in than the old wooden boxes that we have used elsewhere
Nasturtiums starting to make buds
Tim is leaving for Michigan! He has been involved in the project since November last year and will be sorely missed! Here he is planting out some nasturtiums that he had been caring for
Laura and Claus watering
Beetroot seedlings looking genuinely like beetroots!
All the Carlin Peas that we received from Camilla Plum last year ready to be planted out
Fran, Hester's sister, helping make a trellis for the peas to climb up
The final, colourful, result
Hester demonstrating the strength (and physical challenges) of the Tetris greenhouse
Don't forget that we are distributing the boxes on the 1st of June! We start with an open (green)house at 9 at Institut For X then start the "parade" at 10. See you there!!

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