tirsdag den 7. maj 2013

What stunning weather!

For people that are not reading this from Aarhus - the weather in this otherwise chilly part of the world, has recently been absolutely beautiful.


The area that we occupy down at Institut For X has a sufficient amount of shelter from the wind to make it the perfect area for sowing, transplanting, re-potting, building, watering and almost every other garden-related activity.

Tore, our on site carpenter and general handyman, has built a work table from some old railway sleepers which is the perfect height for working at!

All the plants for the boxes, which have otherwise been lying relatively dormant have sprung into life and we have been struggling to catch up with their needs for re-potting and more space!


We have been holding meetings every Sunday at 3pm which, for the last few weeks, have been blessed with perfect sunshine. If you would like to come one Sunday the best thing is just to turn up at Institut For X! Otherwise you can write to us at foedevaregruppen@gmail.com to hear more or call Hester on 27430039 if you get lost.

This year the boxes will be delivered on Saturday the 1st of June. It's going to be a great day with an open greenhouse, music and (hopefully!) lots of sunshine!!

The watering schedule at the greenhouse
Pineapple sage ready to be repotted
Beetroot seedlings in their newspaper pots
Potatoes sprouting vigorously!
Garlic in desperate need of more space!
Lots and lots of sage seedlings
Garlic from Hvidløg & Vin in Faxe
Amanda watering some newly potted plants
The results of the garlic repotting
View across the Institute grounds
Relaxing on the small platform outside the greenhouse

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