tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

The boxes are on the street - I repeat, the boxes are on the street

INCH's box - Graven
Monday the 21st of May, the Adopt-A-Boxes went out onto the streets.

The weather was, again, absolutely fantastic and everyone was out on the streets enjoying the sunshine. We drew quite a lot of attention to ourselves as we had a hand-made carrier bicycle with an in-built stereo system!

43 boxes were delivered to the shops that have adopted them and a further two were given to KifKif and RisRas who hadn't ordered one the first time round. Unfortunately someone understood "Adopt A Box" slightly too literally and was seen by Jeremy this morning stealing RisRas' box. If anyone sees an Adopt-A-Box outside the Latin Quarter - it ain't supposed to be there, let us know!

TANK's box - Mejlgade
Den Rustikke's box - Mejlgade

The shops and cafés are responsible for watering the boxes for the next two months, after which there will hopefully be a decent crop of potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, salad, coriander, parsley and edible flowers to enjoy at the end of August!

Amnesty International's box - Mejlgade

Mindshape's box - Mejlgade

If you are walking down Mejlgade or Graven in the next few months and you have a bottle of water on, give the plants a little something. If you see a bit of salad drooping, give it a stroke. And please enjoy the boxes, that's why they're there.

søndag den 20. maj 2012

1 day to D-Day

Today we finished off all the boxes and the weather was just gorgeous!

We made hand-painted signs are attached to the boxes explaining what is in them.

We also picked up a couple of wheelbarrows and took them to the centre of town on the train. People smiled but didn't seem to mind. We weren't entirely sure whether we had to pay more for the wheelbarrows. In our defence, there wasn't a "Wheelbarrow accessory" button on the ticket machine..

Majken dropped off her plants and they look much healthier than mine! More Swiss Chard and Coriander than you could shake a stick at!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day! The weather forecast looks sunny and we have a stereo system and bicycles and tricycles to transport the soil!

Get ready Mejlgade, Graven and Klostergade! Tomorrow 43 boxes are going to be distributed and hopefully, if all goes well, we can have a harvest meal at the end of August to celebrate them!
A well deserved lunch
 Hopefully see you in the street!

søndag den 13. maj 2012

Box building and a wee-update on the plants!

This is a little update on the salad - it is pretty happy. So are the nasturtiums, onions, garlic, parsley, chard, marigolds, potatoes, carrots, spinach and rocket! It's getting closer to the big day when all the plants are going to be distributed. We are going to be wandering around Mejlgade and Graven delivering the boxes on monday the 21st around 12pm.. Hope to see you there!

To prepare for the Big Day we had to build the boxes! Unfortunately there wasn't enough wood at the harbour to make all the boxes so we had to buy some. We are pretty certain though that they will last until next year and can be re-used so it's a necessary investment.

Tina and Majken in the process of marking up the wood
Tore the wood master chopping away

Majken with dust in her eyes showing off the finished beauties
Hester demonstrating the alternative shelving that can be made with Adopt-A-Boxes

Things are going quite well here at Adopt-A-Box and we're getting excited about next Monday!