mandag den 6. august 2012

Harvest tapas!

On this spectacularly rainy day it seems inappropriate to dream of a sun-drenched summer evening with white wine, jazz music and good food but that's exactly what I am going to do.

On Friday the 24th of August we will bring the Adopt-A-Box project to an end. The boxes will have been on the streets for just over 3 months and most of the vegetables will have reached a decent size, decent enough to eat at least!

Himmelhaven and Adopt-A-Box would like you invite YOU to enjoy harvest tapas with us at Mejlgade 37 at 15.00 on the 24th of August. Just bring yourself - we'll provide the food! But we can't guarantee that you'll get full.. Everyone is welcome, whether you've been involved in the project, one of the adoptive parents, live on Mejlgade or simply have seen the boxes and liked them.

Harvesting the vegetables has been the ultimate goal of the project from its conception. We aimed to experiment with the idea of growing edible plants in the city centre and so they need to be eaten to conclude the project - being decorative has been a wonderful bonus!

We hope to see a lot of you there to send Adopt-A-Box off with a bang! Just a few more weeks that the boxes have to survive...

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